The Water Hemlock


Four boys are bound together by friendship and loyalty until a tragedy rips them apart. The unspeakable event, which erases their youthful innocence and changes the course of their lives, gradually comes to light as they battle their inner demons. Coming of age in a small town, Curtis finds love, Buckley finds heartache, Danny finds trouble…and then there’s Josh, haunted by the past—receiving visits from his dead friend.

Curtis, now an adult still searching for redemption, urges the men to reunite at a remote hunting lodge. Trapped by a sudden snowstorm, tempers flare, and a trip meant to heal turns dangerous. A mysterious wounded stranger adds to the complicated situation, as the tension mounts to an inevitable climax. 

Facing consequences from years gone by, the four will be forced to make decisions that don’t come easy. Finally ready to free themselves from the past, some will return to where it all began—at the water hemlock.

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Six months ago, Ruby Randolph was abducted.


With his partying lifestyle, a half-crazy girlfriend, and a deep undercover assignment, Narcotic Detective Nate Randolph has hands full. Even with his hectic lifestyle, and shady ways, Nate still finds the time to look after his half-sister Ruby, who struggles with drug abuse and raising a child as a single mother.


When Nate drops by to check on Ruby, she’s gone without a trace and her baby is alone in his playpen. Who would have the motivation to harm Ruby? A former drug supplier she’s in debt with? Her abusive boyfriend? Nate is determined to figure out what happened, even if it blows his cover. His investigation leads him to the low-income community where they grew up and unearths secrets from the past. Can Nate put the pieces together in time to save his sister, all while trying to bring down the largest drug trafficking ring in the state, or will everything apart? 


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